Environment Agency Permit Consultation - Open Now!!

EA public consultation and Dorking event

Posted by Voice for Leith Hill on February 20, 2018

Environment Agency Consultation

The Environment Agency have opened a public consultation on the draft environmental permit they are now minded to issue following the original public consultation held in May 2017 regarding Europa's permit application. The consultation is open until 15th March 2018. You can access it here. Please make sure to submit your comments in good time - thank you!!

The Environment Agency are also inviting the local community to a drop-in event at Martineau Hall, Dorking Halls on 1 March 2018 between 2.00pm and 7.30pm where EA staff will be in attendance along with other regulatory bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive to answer questions and provide further information on the proposals from Europa Oil and Gas.

There is more information about this event on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/1972069006376555/permalink/1972070383043084/.

Questions related to this consultation, the Dorking Halls drop-in or the EA's regulation of onshore oil and gas can be addressed to ksle@environment-agency.gov.uk.