New Traffic Management Plan 2017/0212 - Email Template

Email Template for Latest Traffic Management Plan

Posted by Voice for Leith Hill on January 20, 2018

New Traffic Management Plan - Email Template

Hi all, our email template for the new Traffic Management Plan is now available here. The application can be viewed at Surrey Country Council's planning portal and is now open for public consultation until Feb 7th.

N.B. this is a brand new application (because Europa are taking the previous one to appeal) which means that we please need EVERYONE to resubmit all their comments!! Surrey County Council have advised that we are effectively starting again with a clean slate, so all our previous objections need to go in again (providing they are still relevant) and we'll also get the chance to speak again when this proposal goes before the planning committee. Remember to include the new application number 2017/0212 plus your name and full postal address in your response. Thank you!!

How Do I Submit Comments?

As per the above template, you can email comments with your name and full postal address to quoting: SCC Ref 2017/0212 or you can also comment online here.

When Does The Consultation Close?

The consultation closes on Feb 7th. If for some reason you absolutely can't submit comments by that date then there is still some value in submitting late. Although the council are not obliged to take account of comments received outside the formal consultation period, they may to choose to do so until shortly before the application goes to committee.